The Cameroon National Museum located in the capital city of Yaoundé has become a major point of attraction for many Cameroonians and visitors from across the globe. The origin of this historic building dates back to the 1930s when the colonial masters were still in control of the territory. Then, this building had just the central part which was constructed for the French governor living in Cameroon. Later in the 1960s when Cameroon had its independence from France, the first president of the territory Ahmadou Ahidjo constructed two winged extensions to the main central building and turned it to the presidential residence. One wing was used as offices and the other as his private quarters.

In 2001, this building was no longer a presidency. Though not formally acclaimed a museum, it was informally used when Cameroon hosted the France- Afric submit which was the first ever exhibition submit of its kind. Several years later, in 2014 a prime ministerial decree was signed giving status to the building as an official national museum. The following year 2015 brought more light to the structure as it opened its doors to the public and welcomed its first visitors. Shortly after that, Professor Raymond Asombang was appointed as the first director of the museum alongside other officials, specifically in May 2016.

The national museum has well over 850 artefacts displayed representing the richness from the ten different regions of the country. The highly qualified staff and well trained tour guides are always available and ready to give visitors credible information about everything they wish to have knowledge on in the museum. Besides visiting for leisure, the national museum is also a site for researchers and school students who wish to widen their horizon about knowledge of Cameroon.

As at last year 2016, well over 12,000 people visited the museum and this year its director is putting up new projects so as to attract more visitors, such as

-A museum shop

-A museum restaurant

-Entry free slashed by 50percent as per last year.2000frs for adults, 1000frs for handicapped and 500frs for children less than 10yrs.

The beautiful gardens, enchanting building and decorative surroundings of this museum is an attraction for many. While planning your leisure trip to Cameroon, the national museum awaits you.

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