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    Unique Facts about Cameroon * The Cameroon flag has three colour which are green, red and yellow with a gold star in the middle of the red colour. * The motto: ‘peace, work, fatherland’ and in French ‘paix, travail, patrie’ * The national anthem is sang both in French and in English beginning thus ‘O, Cameroon, thou cradle of our fathers’; ‘O, Cameroun berceau de nos ancetres’ * Cameroon has ………..Read More

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    Specials: Go on A Safari To Dja Reserve In Cameroon

     Dja Reserve is one of the largest and most biologically diverse tracts of protected rainforest in central Africa, located in the Centre-south and East Regions of Cameroon,with a surface area of 5,260 km2.  Ancient granite outcrops pierce the forests canopy, creating a mosaic of swamps and grasslands in the forest.  More than 1200 plant species, 107 mammals, 429 birds and 60 fish have been recorded, including western lowland gorilla, chimpanzee ………..Read More