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Welcome to Global Bush Travel and Tourism Agency, a Central African sub Region travel agency/Tour operator with head office in Douala Cameroon, dedicated in organizing and providing truly authentic experiences to all Africa best touristic sites.

Offering both small group adventure holidays and tailor-made itineraries, Global Bush aims at combining nature and ethnographic aspects thus bringing its clients in close contact with hidden mountains, desert tribes and jungles in order to explore the unbeaten path.

Pictures of top touristic sites in Central Africa

Practical information for your trip to Central Africa

  • Requirement for your entry visa :
    (a) Valid passport.
    (b) complete application form.
    (c) 2 passport-size photos.
    (d) Copy of ticket.
    (e) Proof of hotel booking.
    (f) For a business visa, a letter from applicant’s company and a letter from business partners .

  • With fast reliability and efficiency, Global Bush provides you with a trusted currency converter tool, which permits you know the value of your currency to the destination country. This tool provides you with up to minute exchange rates and makes sure you get the best money exchange deal when traveling internationally.
    If it has to do with currency, you are covered!

  • The services provided by our guides are warm, friendly and professional and can be tailored to suit your requirements. Our fantastic guides are experts at making history come alive on our entertaining group tours in Central Africa.



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