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    One of the major attractions of Cameroon is in its local meals

    One of the major attractions of Cameroon is in its local meals. This country has over 250 ethnic groups, each having its local delicacy. Whichever meal you enjoy eating from any part of Africa is found in Cameroon, no doubt the country has been labelled “Africa in miniature’, however, there are 10 specific meals from the different 10 regions of Cameroon. The coastal part of the country, that is Douala, ………..Read More

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    Cameroon has a lot to offer tourists in all its different ten regions.This has gained the country the title Africa in miniature.Its ethnic diversity and comparatively good infrastructure makes getting around the country much more easier than other central and west African states. The beautiful town of limbe located in the west coast of cameroon is a major hunt for tourists.Its down beach with black sand and warm sea temperatures ………..Read More

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    Cameroon Afriture.

    FASHION Cameroon Afriture. Fashion in Cameroon is not the ‘oh so’ sophisticated fashion you find in New York fashion week or on celebrity red carpets. Fashion in Cameroon is expression of culture and the African texture. In other words ‘haute culture’ but some just prefer to call it ‘Afriture’ (African Culture). Cameroon has more than two hundred traditional languages with different cultures and traditional wears-an advantage for our young and ………..Read More

  • Specials

    Unique Facts about Cameroon * The Cameroon flag has three colour which are green, red and yellow with a gold star in the middle of the red colour. * The motto: ‘peace, work, fatherland’ and in French ‘paix, travail, patrie’ * The national anthem is sang both in French and in English beginning thus ‘O, Cameroon, thou cradle of our fathers’; ‘O, Cameroun berceau de nos ancetres’ * Cameroon has ………..Read More

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    Trekking Up Mount Cameroon: Feel the Rush!

    If you’ve been hiking for some time now and you’ve always wanted to reward yourself with a paradisal trek that is challenging yet achievable, how does an invitation to take in the imposing view from the summit of Mount Cameroon sound? This is one of Global Bush’s most popular activities and it is easy to see why; most of us are so fully immersed in city life that we ignore our need ………..Read More

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    Welcome onboard to Cameroon

     Useful information to ensure that your needs onboard are fulfilled SAFETY: Your comfort and safety is important onboard. Please refer to the safety leaflet in your seat pocket. SMOKING: Prohibited on all flights. SEAT ADJUSTMENTS: The position of your seat can be adjusted by pressing the button located in the arm rest. For take-off and landing, all seats must be in the upright position ELECTRONIC DEVICES: May not be during ………..Read More