All foreigners except citizens of Central Africa Republic, Chad, Congo Brazzaville and Nigeria must obtain a visa to visit Cameroon. It is very advisable to obtain the document before arriving.

There are many different types of visas, airport transit visa is a free of charge visa, visitor visa, business visa, tourist visa, employment visa, permanent residence visa. Laissez passer is a legal travel document issued by the Cameroon high commission in London to citizens who hold a passport not valid in Cameroon and or issued by a government not recognised by the Cameroon government. It is issued to persons not having a valid Cameroon passport and intends to leave the United Kingdom, Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden for Cameroon. This document is valid for 3months. To get a visa, you need:

-A yellow fever vaccination certificate regardless of the country you are coming from.

-An application form and two passport sized photographs

-Application fee

-A passport with at least 6months before expiry.

For a visitor visa, you need;

-A letter of invitation and a reservation confirmation from your hotel. If you need a visitor visa, the person you are visiting must create a letter of invitation, get it approved and stamped by local authorities before sending to you. It must state that you have a place to stay during your trip.

For a tourist visa,

-A consular letter from your bank stating your current balance. Must be signed by the bank for it to be valid.

-A reservation confirmation from your hotel.

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