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12 Reasons to travel with us

12 Reasons to travel with us

12 Reasons to Plan your Trip with us

Financial Bonding

Being a member of the African Travel Association, (ATA), we are fully Financially Bonded for your financial protection. Be assured that as you travel, with Global Bush Travel and Tourism, your money is fully secured before, during and after your tour. This is essential in today’s traveling and ensures that you concentrate in enjoying your tour rather than worrying about your finances in today’s worry some financial climate.

Your African Itinerary by a Native African Team

As you plan your trip, we are your choice as we know Cameroon and other Central African countries at the tip of our fingers. We are Native Africans born and brought up in African Villages and with the unpredictable nature of Adventure where routes can change easily and at short notice because of local events or conditions, you are in safe hands with Global Bush Travel and Tourism Driver Guides and office back up team. All our driver guides are professionals with certificates legally approved by the Cameroon Ministry of Tourism (MINTOUR)

Reputation Is Everything

Testimonies from our clients and partners are a clear indication of why we say reputation is everything. Our years of experience, high quality services,  operation and intimate knowledge of all our destinations has made Global Bush Travel and Tourism one of the best tour operators in Cameroon and all Central African countries.

Every Journey Tells a Story

We strongly believe in traveling responsibly, leaving a positive foot print in our journeys and we equally encourage our clients to do the same: This includes, minimizing the impact on the people, wildlife and environment in the destinations we travel to. Where possible we encourage our clients to donate during their safaris directly to the communities that we visit.

Offering Value for Money

Our range of holidays allows you to choose a style that suits your budget and level of comfort and we strive to deliver to your expectation if not beyond. Quality, flawless and unforgettable holidays is the best reward we offer you; it is value for your money where you sit and enjoy every day without fears of quality

Planning Your Trip

Global Bush Travel and Tourism offers peace of mind with our wide variety of choices to travel options, you can choose our fixed departure or our custom-made tours where you plan your safari step by step with the guidance of one of our many Travel consultants. We also provide you with all the pre-travel information necessary, and detailed tour documents including a full tour itinerary as well as additional services to choose from.

Privately Owned Company

Global Bush Travel and Tourism is a privately owned company which has a loyal and dedicated field and office team members with a passion for Central Africa and Cameroon in particular. As a result, we are very attentive and flexible and willing to offer personal services and go extra mile both to assist you with your booking, and to ensure that all your tour expectations in Central Africa comes true leaving you with a positive memory of Africa.

Adventure brings out the Life in you

At Global Bush Travel and Tourism, we believe in a holiday that provides adventure and refresh your senses. All our packages are tailored made to give you a genuine feel for any of the Central African countries, their people and their environment you are visiting. From Climbing Mt Cameroon or Mt Mandara to Bush Camping  in amazing and ancient cultures like the Baka and Badgeli pygmies in the Eastern jungle, the nomadic Mbororos on the Adamawa and North provinces, the animist Komas in the Alantika Mountains, but also Bantues, Kom, Tikars and many more. We trust our Adventure will spice your life.

Variety Ensures Everyone is catered for

At Global Bush Travel and Tourism, we strongly believe that we should be as diverse as our markets. We offer a wide variety of products that cater for everyone in the market. From Basic Camping to Luxury 5star all inclusive packages, from simple Adventure to High level Adventure experiences.

The truth is bitter but must be spoken

Arriving in a strange country for the first time can be filled with a lot of doubts on how things operate and local customs can be difficult to understand. On some of our trips accommodation can be quite basic; overnight journeys can be tiring; all these aspects and more can be turned into positive experiences IF you know what to expect and are prepared for it. We’ll always try to offer advice about the things you really need to know and we’ll also tell you if we think you’re making an unwise choice as to which trip is most suitable to your needs.

Leave the legwork to us

We’ll take care of the details. We’ve secured quality accommodations and arranged for transportation, excursions, entrance fees, most meals and toll gates. We take care of the details so you can relax, enjoy, and immerse yourself in the wonder of the places you are exploring

Travel with the experts

The experience to see places through the eyes of an expert is great. Our team of travel experts constitutes knowledgeable people carrying a deep sense of understanding of an area to be discovered. Thus you get an insider’s perspective and their capable enthusiasm makes your journey unforgettable.

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