Congo Brazzaville Visa



Most nationals will require a visa to visit the DR Congo. Congolese Embassies or Consulates can be found in major cities around the world including London and Washington. You will be required to produce a ‘notarized’ Letter of Authority in addition at the London embassy and possibly other embassies will require an ‘Engagement de Prise en Charge’ document authorized by the country’s Interior Ministry.

 These documents will be provided by Global Bush Travel and Tourism Agency and should be requested at the time you make your balance payment. Please allow 2 weeks for these documents to be issued. You may also be asked to produce a letter from your employer and possibly a recent bank statement as proof of sufficient funds. A valid Yellow Fever certificate will also be required to obtain your visa. Regulations do frequently change though, so we advise that you check the current requirements with your nearest embassy or you can equally send us an email to and we will be there to provide you with all the assistance you will require regarding entry visas into the Congo.