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Chad sharing close borders with Cameroon has long been a blank on the map of Africa, but adventure tourism has made Chad a demanding destination for the Western travelers today. Chad is one of the least visited of all Central African countries with our group trips there, are to take travelers through a land almost completely inhabited by local people thus culture and tradition is guaranteed and intact. A land of rock arches, of surprising wildlife, and camel caravans traversing the sands, Chad’s allure is the fact that it is virtually unexplored and you are unlikely to see any other westerners outside of the capital. Travel and tourism in Chad is best explored with a tour guide, and visits can often be arranged in the capital of N’Djamena. Some out of town attractions require cars and entrance fees, which can be expensive. The city’s market and the historic quarter can be explored on foot. Nowhere in African is the same, thus tourist visiting Chad for their first time should be prepared to endure a little hard ship.