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The Central African Republic, situated as the name suggests at the heart of Africa. This country’s history has witness a countless number of civil unrest but now is opening itself up to Travel and Tourism as well as travelers keen and eager to explore one more part of this ever enchanting continent of Africa. Global Bush Travel and tourism offers customized group tours and tailor made holidays to Central African Republic focus on the south east of the country, a region of thick forest that is home to some of the most endemic species in Africa. You have the opportunity to track lowland gorillas in the company of the Ba’aka pygmies, watch forest elephants and other animals gather at the bais and enjoy canoes rides through swamps and rivers in search of wildlife. One of the most unforgettable discoveries of a trip here will be the local peoples, friendly, welcoming and hospitable attitude, and any time you spend with the Pygmies gives you a pinch into an ancestral world long forgotten by the rest of us. It would be wrong of us to advise clients that the Central African Republic is easy to travel in because it isn’t, and is not for first time visitors to the continent, because visiting here is actually extending the very boundaries of adventure travel.