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We bring the world to Africa and take Africa to the world!


Mountain Hiking & Trekking

Trekking and hiking  tours in Cameroon

Hiking and trekking tours in Cameroon you have the possibilities for observation of wild animals during tours into the rainforest or hikes on the Mount Cameroon. There are camping equipments on hire for your trip. The experience of visiting this mountain would be the most attractive reason for any visitor to come and discover Fako Division and the South West region in general. The landscape of Cameroon is ideal for trekking and hiking trips.Cameroon trekking tours are conducted by Global Bush tour Cameroon.

Day 1: Europe or US to Douala

Upon arrival you will be met and transferred to the Hotel (78 km) in Limbe by the Global Bush Team. Orientation session and then enjoy your first dinner at the hotel. If you wish to refresh yourself after a very long flight, treat yourself to a swim in the pool at the hotel. Limbe is a sea-side resort coastal city located in Fako Division, South West Region of Cameroon. The town hosts numerous attractions of different categories to encourage a longer stay in the destination.

Day 2: Limbe – Buea.

Early morning departure to Buea (23 km), arrive at Buea and drive to Upper farms (1,010 m) to begin the hike. We start hiking for about 3-4 hours inside the rainforest and arrive at Hut 1 (1,800 m). It is one of the largest Huts and a stream provides fresh drinking water. We shall have a brief stop at Hut 1 while having our lunch.

Start off and hike for 5-6 hours through the Savannah to Hut 2 (2,750 m). Here is no water. From Hut 1 to Hut 2, the trail is continuously steep and rocky. We shall camp at this hut for our first night up Mount Cameroon.

Day 3: Hut 2 to Hut 3.

Early in the morning after breakfast, we depart from Hut 2 to Hut 3. The climb is a little steep and could take about 4-5 hours hiking to arrive Hut 3 (3,800 m) where we will have a rest. We shall continue till we get to the summit (4,095 m). We shall stay at the summit for 10 minutes while taking photographs. After we shall descend on the other trail until we arrive Mann’s spring on a gentle walk. This trail is almost level and less strenuous. This could take about 6 hours to arrive at Mann’s spring.

On the way, we shall visit the old and new Craters and continue trekking through the Savannah until we get to Mann’s spring (2,260 m). There is a spring with fresh water to cool down your body heat. We shall camp for the second night here.

Day 4: Mann’s spring – Bokwango – Buea – Douala

Take off early in the morning from Mann’s spring passing through the Savannah, old lava flows and the rainforest before arriving Bokwango Village. The trek could take about 5 hours to complete our trip. From Bokwango, we drive to the Douala and catch a flight to Europe.

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