The former French Cameroon and British Cameroon merged in 1961 to form the present country. Cameroon has generally enjoyed stability which has enhanced the development of several sectors in the country like, agriculture, roads, railways and others. This country geographically located in West Africa has as neighbours Central Africa Republic, Nigeria, Chad, Congo, and Guinea Equatorial. Its political capital is Yaoundé.

Cameroon has an estimated 250 ethnic group which makes up five large regional cultural groups. They are, Western highlanders, coastal tropical forest peoples, southern tropical forest peoples, the Islamic population and the pygmies. Those from the north and south west regions speak English language while those in the other eight regions speak French language. However, French and English are its official languages. This country with population of about 23million inhabitants is rich in culture and diversity. Always expect something intriguing in all ten regions.

Cameroon has a stable relationship with all its neighbours and is the heart of the CEMAC zone due to its inlets. Several landlocked countries like Chad depend mainly on Cameroon ports for imports and exports. World known for its diversity, this country is an attraction to foreigners who want some memorable time out of their homelands. Thiss has earned the country the name Africa in miniature.

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