Cameroon flag Unique Facts about Cameroon

* The Cameroon flag has three colour which are green, red and yellow with a gold star in the middle of the red colour.

* The motto: ‘peace, work, fatherland’ and in French ‘paix, travail, patrie’

* The national anthem is sang both in French and in English beginning thus ‘O, Cameroon, thou cradle of our fathers’; ‘O, Cameroun berceau de nos ancetres’

* Cameroon has two official languages which are English and French.

* Apart from the two official languages, Cameroon has 250 ethnic groups speaking about 270 languages and dialects which make it a remarkably diverse country.Yaounde Unification monument

* The Cameroon climatic region is divided into two climatic domains- the tropical and equatorial regions.

* In Africa, Cameroon is the country with the highest amount of rainfall. The wettest part of the country is Debundscha at the base of Mount Cameroon with an average annual rainfall of 405 inches (10,289mm) – an average rarely attained elsewhere in the world.

* The domestic voltage in Cameroon is 110/220v, 50Hz. If you are used to other units, you may need an adaptor.

* Cameroon’s standard time is GMT+1.

*The Mount Cameroon is the highest peak in West Africa, rising to 4090metres (13,255 feet) above the coast of West Africa. It is one of the most active volcanoes in Africa and it last erupted in 1999.

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