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    Specials: Go on A Safari To Dja Reserve In Cameroon

     Dja Reserve is one of the largest and most biologically diverse tracts of protected rainforest in central Africa, located in the Centre-south and East Regions of Cameroon,with a surface area of 5,260 km2.  Ancient granite outcrops pierce the forests canopy, creating a mosaic of swamps and grasslands in the forest.  More than 1200 plant species, 107 mammals, 429 birds and 60 fish have been recorded, including western lowland gorilla, chimpanzee ………..Read More

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    Our National Parks You Could Visit While In Cameroon

    Cameroon has over nine national parks spotted all over the country with all species of animals both common and endangered species, which you won’t want to miss seeing for anything. These parks include; The Waza National Park: This is the most famous park in Cameroon and one of the most spectacular in French-speaking Africa. It is located in the Far North Region covers an area of 170,000 hectares which serves ………..Read More

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    Touristic sites for art and craft in Cameroon

      Traditional arts and craft are found to be prevalent all over Cameroon for commercial, decorative and religious purposes. Woodcarvings, sculptures, pottery, bead working are prevalent supported by basket weaving, brass and bronze working, calabash carving and painting, embroidery, and leather working. In the West Region of Cameroon, Bamileke, Bamoum and Tikar are renowned for their wood carvings and sculptures. They are also noted for blue and white royal display cloth, ………..Read More

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    Mount Cameroon- “Chariot of Fire”

    “Do not follow where the path may lead, go where there is no path and leave a trail” Cameroon stands out in Africa due to its diverse natural endowments. this is because it has ecological features which most African countries posses sparsely. One of the most amazing features you will love to see is the mount Cameroon, which was nicked named by sea-loving Phoenicians ‘Theo Oekama’ in the 18th century ………..Read More

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    The Life of A Cameroonian Pygmy

      ” The world is a book, those who don’t travel read only one page”. In spite the level of civilization in Cameroon, there are still communities in Cameroon like the Baka pygmies in the south region who still maintain their primitive lifestyle. They depend almost entirely on the forest for their livelihood. They get food, medication, and housing from the forest and use leaves and branches of trees to make their little ………..Read More

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    Cameroun: le musée national revit après une importante rénovation

    Fonctionnant timidement avant sa fermeture en 2008, le musée qui se situe dans l’ancien Palais du gouverneur de Yaoundé, construit en 1930, lui même transformé en Palais présidentiel, a commencé à être rénové en 2009. Aujourd’hui, cet ensemble bâti sur une superficie de 5.000 m2 revit, symbolisant “la régénération et la renaissance” de la culture camerounaise, s’enthousiasme Ama Tutu Muna, ministre des Arts et de la Culture. “C’est un lieu ………..Read More

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      The Ngondo is an annual water-centered festival held by the Sawa (coastal peoples) in Douala, Cameroon. Gathering the Sawa people takes place in the first two weeks of December  on the Wouri river banks in Douala and show cases the culture of the Sawa, the country’s coastal dwellers   The Ngondo Festival is a way to connect with the spirits of “water Gods” and has been celebrated as an ………..Read More

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    Cameroon Telephone numbers

    The new nine digit telephone numbers will go operational from 21st November 2014 with MTN, Orange and Nexttel numbers will begin with “six” while Camtel numbers will start with “two”. Minister Jean Pierre Biyiti bi Essam also said the introduction of a new numbering plan that is from seven to eight digits, will meet the needs of the telephone operators, who are running out of numbers attributed to them.   ………..Read More

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         The singular experience of social peace and political stability in Cameroon is a haven of peace. A role of the state refocuses on the regulation in favor of the now investment in the heart of the economic system.  The existence of an investment charter in Cameroon effectively integrates the national economy in the era of competitive and dedicated market as a mode of organization. The Investment Act of ………..Read More

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    Trekking Up Mount Cameroon: Feel the Rush!

    If you’ve been hiking for some time now and you’ve always wanted to reward yourself with a paradisal trek that is challenging yet achievable, how does an invitation to take in the imposing view from the summit of Mount Cameroon sound? This is one of Global Bush’s most popular activities and it is easy to see why; most of us are so fully immersed in city life that we ignore our need ………..Read More