• Before you go Cameroon
    Au Cameroun, l’ancien port de négrier de Bimbia veut sortir de l’oubli

    Le temps d’une pièce théâtrale, les acteurs tentent de reconstituer l’histoire qui a décimé des générations entières. Un matin, un garde s’est présenté devant sa petite case en paille : « Le roi veut te voir. » Comme s’il pressentait un danger, l’homme supplie l’émissaire de lui accorder un peu de temps. « J’arrive, j’arrive », répète-t-il en vain. Il est traîné de force. Son fils, voyant son père ainsi maltraité, le suit en ………..Read More

  • Tours
    U.S. Embassy Visits Bimbia Slave Port Restoration Site

    On December 18, 2012 U.S. Embassy officers traveled to Bimbia, in Cameroon’s South West Region, where they met with the Cameroon Ministry of Arts and Culture to plan the launch of a project to restore the city’s historic slave port.  After a meeting with local officials, presided over by the Limbe Senior Divisional Officer, the group traveled to the site with members of the Bimbia Preservation project team which then ………..Read More

  • Before you go Cameroon

      Unique Facts about Cameroon * The Cameroon flag has three colour which are green, red and yellow with a gold star in the middle of the red colour. * The motto: ‘peace, work, fatherland’ and in French ‘paix, travail, patrie’ * The national anthem is sang both in French and in English beginning thus ‘O, Cameroon, thou cradle of our fathers’; ‘O, Cameroun berceau de nos ancetres’ * Cameroon ………..Read More

  • Before you go Cameroon
    Cameroon Afriture.

    FASHION Cameroon Afriture. Fashion in Cameroon is not the ‘oh so’ sophisticated fashion you find in New York fashion week or on celebrity red carpets. Fashion in Cameroon is expression of culture and the African texture. In other words ‘haute culture’ but some just prefer to call it ‘Afriture’ (African Culture). Cameroon has more than two hundred traditional languages with different cultures and traditional wears-an advantage for our young and ………..Read More

  • Before you go Cameroon

    – JOUR J-1 Dimanche 04/12/2016 • Attribution des stands aux différents exposants • Animations des espaces sur le village NGUON – Jour 01 Lundi 05/12/2016 • Ouverture du site du village du NGUON au grand public • Début excursion touristique et découverte du Royaume Bamoun • Mini-Marathon Koutaba-Foumban • Sports traditionnels (lutte traditionnelle,…) • Expositions-ventes et promotions diverses • Première phase Election Miss NGUON 2016 • Danses traditionneles • Animations ………..Read More

  • Before you go Cameroon
    Afo Akom Cultural festival

    Afo Akom Cultural festival is an even that brings together all the sons and daughters of kom kingdom in and out of the country. it is noted that this event is usually used as a tool to unite the people the kingdom alongside the entire region. at the end of every year in Laikom at the Fon`s palace. This festival is lasted for two to three days with traditional activities ………..Read More

  • Before you go Central Africa
    Cameroon’s Kribi city to host “Mother of Mankind” monument

    The Cameroonian seaside city of Kribi (South) has been chosen to host the highest monument dedicated to the “Mother of humanity” and offered to the world by the American people, according to the charity foundation Act of Random Kindness (ARK) Jammers Connection, which is the author of the initiative. As a gift from the people of the United States of America to Africa, to thank it and its people for ………..Read More